Birgitta Elín og Marta Hlín

Bókabeitan is a progressive publishing house, founded by Marta Hlín Magnadóttir and Birgitta Elín Hassell. Our goal is promoting reading for children, teens and young adults (ages 2-18) by publishing quality books for those ages.
Both founders have a degree in education with special emphasis on the Icelandic language. Through the research for both Masters theses it became apparent that the publishing focus in Iceland was mostly on books for adults and young children, with a considerable lack of variety for ages 10 to 16. We believe that the key to engage children and teens in reading is to offer a wide variety of books for them to choose from. This is why Bókabeitan was founded in 2011.

In 2013 Bókabeitan created two sub-labels – Töfraland and Björt. Töfraland focuses solely on books for 0-6 years old and Björt on books for older teens and young adults.

Our books have been nominated for a number of prizes, not least of them the Nordic Children’s Literature Prize for Vinur minn, vindurinn (My friend, the wind) in 2015, Koparborgin (The City of Bronze) in 2016 and the latest Úlfur og Edda: Dýrgripurinn in 2017.

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Bókabeitan has had a successful partnership with many of the leading publishers worldwide and provided Icelandic youth with high quality books from all over the world. All of them translated by expert translators.
Many of the titles have been nominated and awarded for translations – for example All the bright places, Eleanor & Park, Divergent series, When the Crayons quit and Sisters Grimm.